End Of Lease / bond cleaner / move in-move out / exit clean / vacate clean are some of the ways you can call this type of cleaning.

Are you ready to finish your lease? Do you need to get your bonus back? Are you going to sell your house? Are you moving to your new home and need a home cleaning?
                             This service is for you !!

What is an Bond Cleaning?

It is a type of cleaning that consists of doing a comprehensive cleaning of the property, cleaning it and disinfecting it completely, complying with the standards of the industry, with the ultimate goal of receiving back the much-valued rental bonus.
In our journey, we have seen different ways to do a Bond Cleaning. On many occasions, closed packages are delivered where they include activities that do not necessarily suit your needs or activities that are not in the original packages are added, and this leads you to spend more money.
Easy Bliss Cleaning Services seeks to facilitate the entire process. We define fixed packages and give you the option to create your custom “Bond Cleaning”. Enter and enjoy our ” Online quote & Booking Cleaning”, it won’t take you more than 60 seconds to book the best cleaning professionals.
Satisfaction guaranteed!

What does our Bond Cleaning include?

* Windows Inside: The price considers standard size houses that includes: for the rooms consider 1 double window for each room; Living and dining room up to 2 double glass doors or 3 double windows; kitchen 1 double window; Laundry 1 double glass doors. For houses with a greater number of windows a quotation is required.

** Oven: The price considers only one Oven, in the case that a larger number is required, please include in the extras.