Regular Cleaning

At Easy bliss we are specialists in house cleaning, our friendly teams will come to your home with a positive attitude and the best of smiles. We will not only do a high level cleaning but we will also give you the best experience that only Easy bliss knows how to do.

Easy Bliss offers regular cleaning services:

  • Weekly 
  • Fortnightly 
  • Monthly 

We are also specialists in one-time cleaning

Inicial/Deep Clean

Our deep cleaning service is designed to bring your home back to life. Our cleaners emphasize places that are not cleaned frequently, and focus their attention on the details necessary to deliver a quality service Easy Bliss We recommend this type of cleaning to our clients who for different reasons could not maintain a professional cleaning for more than 30 days. A deep cleaning service is very different from a regular cleaning, it requires special equipment and chemicals to clean and disinfect your home. At Easy bliss we only use the best products and leading equipment in the cleaning industry

Inspection Cleaning

Who inspection of the real estate? Do you need your house to look radiant to impress your inspector?

We have created a package that will help you make the best impression and will make your home look sparkling clean. We have focused cleaning on attacking all aspects of a visual inspection, from the entrance door, which is where visitors enter.

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