Pet Friendly Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning
dog and cat hair

Our pets are a very important member of our family and a fundamental part of our lives, we know that they due to their furry nature, leave hair everywhere.
This is not a problem!
It is part of our day to day and we know how to help you take care of and keep your home clean and disinfected.
How can we help?
hairy carpet cleaning
Our cleaners have special vacuum cleaners to remove hair, especially on carpets, which is where the hairs of our peeled friends are kept the most.

Carpet cleaning pet Urine

We know that our pets, especially when in their first months, can urinate all over your home and their favorite places are rugs and fabric furniture. As soon as this occurs, steps must be taken quickly to neutralize odor molecules to remove the odor and stain from your carpet. If urine is not cleaned up quickly, it can permanently discolor the affected part of the carpet. For this reason we advise you to treat stains in their early stage.