Professional Inspection Cleaning Services in Brisbane

Regular Cleaning

Our main service "House Cleaning" our cleaners are trained and are specialists in this type of cleaning

At Easy bliss we are specialists in house cleaning, our friendly teams will come to your home with a positive attitude and the best of smiles. We will not only do a high level cleaning but we will also give you the best experience that only Easy bliss knows how to do.

Easy Bliss offers:

  • Weekly 
  • Fortnightly 
  • Monthly 

We are also specialists in one-time services

Inicial/Deep Clean

Our deep cleaning service is designed to bring your home back to life. Our cleaners emphasize places that are not cleaned frequently, and focus their attention on the details necessary to deliver a quality service Easy Bliss We recommend this type of cleaning to our clients who for different reasons could not maintain a professional cleaning for more than 30 days. A deep cleaning service is very different from a regular cleaning, it requires special equipment and chemicals to clean and disinfect your home. At Easy bliss we only use the best products and leading equipment in the cleaning industry.

Inspection Cleaning

We have created a cleaning package that will help you make the best impression and keep your home looking sparkling clean. We have focused cleaning on attacking all aspects of a visual inspection, from the front door, which is where visitors enter.

Do you need your house to look radiant to impress your inspector? Whether you’re preparing for an end-of-lease inspection, getting your property ready for a real estate showing, or preparing for routine inspections for your business operations, Easy Bliss’s team of rent inspection cleaners has got you covered.

We have created a package that will help you make the best impression and will make your home look sparkling clean. We have focused on cleaning and attacking all aspects of a visual inspection, from the entrance door that greets your guests to the window sills that protect you from the outdoor elements.

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Our house inspection cleaning packages ensure every element of your home is meticulously attended to, showcasing its best features. We understand that details matter, which is why our rent inspection cleaners check even the smallest element in your space for perfection.

Compared to our other cleaning services, we do more than pay attention to the high-impact sections of your space, getting into every nook and cranny. From door frames and handles to appliances and mirrors, we clean and organise your home so you’re guaranteed a successful inspection.

In addition to cleaning the general areas, you can expect the following details in every room of your home to receive attention:

  • Wall spot cleaning — To remove fingerprints, smudges and marks for an impeccable interior.
  • Floors — Mopping and vacuuming to keep your floors clean and orderly prior to inspection. 

Learn more about how our inspection cleaning services differ from our regular and deep cleaning by looking at our cleaning checklists below.


Common area to clean at home chart


Common area to clean at home chart



At Easy Bliss, we have a team of dedicated bond cleaning service professionals. Our professional rent inspection cleaners have mastered the art of transforming rental properties into immaculate spaces. Rest assured that our team members are meticulously trained and equipped with the best tools and techniques to tackle every cleaning challenge.

Operating in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, they bring a level of expertise that elevates end-of-lease and commercial space cleaning from a checklist into our most comprehensive cleaning service package.


When you choose Easy Bliss for your business or house inspection cleaning in Brisbane and beyond, you can expect the following:

  • Guaranteed results — We’re confident in our rent inspection cleaners’ ability to deliver results that surpass both your expectations and the expectations of the strictest inspectors.
  • A convenient and seamless process — From our easy online booking system and hassle-free payments to our reliable cleaning services, you can experience a completely seamless house inspection cleaning. We strive to ensure your peace of mind from start to finish, prioritising your comfort at every step.
  • Inclusive and flexible services — We understand that different inspections may adhere to particular cleaning standards, and our team is happy and ready to accommodate your specific requirements. We can tailor our cleaning packages according to your preferences, and our team will arrive armed with the necessary equipment.

Additionally, our skilled team ensures every corner of your home sparkles and offers other services like eco-friendly cleaning options, window washing and customised scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing a thorough, top-to-bottom clean that will leave inspectors and visitors alike impressed with the pristine condition of your space.


Choose Easy Bliss and make your inspections a blissful experience with the help of our team of professional rent inspection cleaners. Our commitment to outstanding service ensures the property is left in flawless condition, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll pass every cleaning inspection.

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If you have questions or need further assistance, our friendly team is always here to help. Contact us now for personalised support.